Australian Historical Association Annual Conference 2019

Local Communities, Global Networks
08 - 12 JUL
Empire Theatre, Masonic Temple (Southern Cross Lodge), Toowoomba City Library

The 38th Australian Historical Association (AHA) Conference, hosted by USQ's School of Arts and Communication, invites submissions on the theme of Local Communities, Global Networks. 

  • How have the local and the global intersected, inspired and transformed experiences within and from Australia’s history? 
  • How do the histories of Indigenous, imperial, migrant and the myriad of other communities and networks inform, contest and shape knowledge about Australia today? 

Inspired by a photographic fragment of two children displaying their cultural heritage, the conference theme speaks to the centrality of History for engaging with community and family networks. Constructing livelihoods within an empire and a nation that have had a global reach, local communities have responded in diverse ways. The varieties of historical enquiry into this past enrich our understanding of Australian and world history. Local Communities, Global Networks draws together the latest research on the re-shaping of communities and the re-fashioning of imperial relationships and transnational in turn.  

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