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'Did you know?' community talk - Why you should report cyberbullying

One of the biggest issues related to cyberbullying is the lack of reporting. Without knowing something is wrong adults including parents, carers and teachers, cannot respond in an effective manner.
18 FEB 2021
5.30 PM - 6.30 PM
Emerge Cafe, 1 Station Street, Toowoomba and via Zoom

In acknowledgement of Safer Internet Day, Associate Professor Petrea Redmond (Educational Technology) will explore why everyone needs to report cyberbullying to make the internet safer for all to use.

The COVID-19 pandemic has fundamentally changed the education sector, at least for now. Teaching, learning, and living are very different than before. Most people including children are online and using social media more frequently than before and this can lead to disruptive online behaviours.

Find out how reporting cyberbullying can protect you, your family and the wider community.

You are able to attend this talk live or via virtually.

In person

  • Emerge Cafe, 1 Station Street, Toowoomba
  • Due to COVID-19 requirements, you must register to attend in person

Via Zoom

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