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Watercolour with Mike Kowalski (Tutor Changed)

Due to continued border restrictions imposed by the Queensland Government to the Greater Melbourne Region, this workshop has had a change of tutor, please see more information below.
28 JUN - 02 JUL 2021
9.00 AM - 4.30 PM

New Tutor:

The McGregor team is pleased to welcome our new Watercolour Tutor - James McKay. James is a Gold Coast-based artist. He has been painting in watercolour for over 25 years and has exhibited his work in galleries throughout Australia and Southern Africa for the last 10 years.

James was born and spent most of his life on a farm in Africa where he started to paint scenes from the farm and African life. Some 20 years ago he moved to make Australia his home, and fell in love with the Australian landscape particularly the old farms, the warm soft colours and the light. This inspired him to paint more seriously.

He paints loosely in watercolour using wet into wet techniques “the faster I work the more feeling the painting has”. He does a lot of his work on site and is passionate about painting in the great outdoors.

About the Workshop

In this workshop James will show participants the many techniques they can use to create a painting from the subject that first inspired them.

  • As with Mike’s class, James will be pitching his workshop to Intermediate and advanced levels. You will be able to use the same materials list as with Mike’s class, so no need to purchase any more paints. And no need to bring an easel.

James will:

  • Cover the importance of tones and not overstating unless we need to, using subtle tonal shift to harmonise paintings.

  • Take an in depth look at colour and the use of warm and cool greys - this will take us into interesting warm and cool shadows.

  • Produce numerous paintings of scenes from all over the country - looking at ways to simplify an image and capture the feeling of that moment.

  • Side track into composition, placement of figures, animals and other points of interest in the painting

All the paintings will be worked through step by step with each step being demonstrated and discussed. James likes to work closely with each student to cultivate their own style.

To see a little about James, please visit his website: or Instagram which has more up-to-date examples of his work.

Estimated material cost  $100 - $200*
Medium  Watercolour
Level  Intermediate to Advanced
Age  15+
Max Class Size   12
Life model  No

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Abstract Portrait by Peter Griffen

Contemporary Flower by Peter Griffen

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