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man with Ipswich jets

USQ Students Day - Ipswich Jets Home Game

Join USQ at the Ipswich Jets home game and get involved in a range of fun activities for the day.
25 JUL 2021
12.00 PM - 4.00 PM
North Ipswich Reserve

There will a range of interactive sessions to try including:

  • Under the Microscope: Get up and close with different object, creatures and blood types under the microscope with USQ’s Senior Lecturer in Medical Laboratory Science.

  • Explore Paramedicine & Nursing: Explore what its like to be a paramedic through CPR activities, bandaging and splinting, base line vitial sign demonstrations and a walk through USQ’s Mobile Simulation, with USQ academics and current students.

  • UV Paper: Ultraviolet (UV) radiation is emitted by the sun and has important biological effects on humans and the world around us, however, because we cannot see it or feel it, we don’t know how much exposure we receive until it’s too late. Using sunscreen on specially designed paper, track changes caused by exposure to radiation called cyanotype.

  • Solar Cars: Solar energy is an important aspect in moving forward with renewable energies. In this activity, solar cars are assembled and combined with a secondary solar panel kit to look at how energy from the sun converts through different size solar panels, and the circuitry used for the solar panels. The session will finish up with a solar car race (provided time is available).

  • Living the Law Activity: Try on our drug and alcohol goggles to see how these affect our bodies when consumed and learn about attending criminal incidents and emergencies.

  • Biomedical Science – Slime Activity Do some fun chemistry: Mix some glue and shaving cream, and food colouring and glitter, to make a stretchy fun non-Newtonian fluid, otherwise known as SLIME!

  • Nursing Learn what nurses do every day and what different types of medical equipment are used to perform imperative tests. Have your heart rate tested by current nursing students!

  • Traditional Indigenous Games Many of today’s sports have evolved from Traditional Indigenous Games. Learn a selection of games and activities from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander societies from all around Australia.


Tickets to the home game can be purchased at the gate (cash and eftpos accepted).