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Register as a USQ Expert

What are the benefits of being listed as a USQ Expert?

  • Media coverage quoting experts.
  • Speaking engagements (paid and community service).
  • Opportunities for research and professional collaboration with other experts.
  • Private sector consulting opportunities.
  • Enquiries from prospective students to study or conduct research.

Who uses this site?

Some of our key groups who may visit this site include:

  • Journalists/media 
  • Government representatives
  • Speakers' agencies
  • Academics and researchers
  • Business and industry
  • Prospective students.

How do I register as an expert?

USQ Staff can register as an expert by providing additional information about themselves in the Staff Search.
Specifically, staff need to complete the fields listed below on their Staff Search via UConnect.

  • Identify primary areas of expertise
  • List keywords relating to your area of expertise, for example "media law"
  • Identify if you are affiliated with any USQ Research Centre/s
  • Provide your after hours and mobile contact number/s

Detailed information on how to update your Staff Search profile (PDF), including screen shots, is available to assist in this process.

Staff are responsible for ensuring that details provided are correct and are not misleading.

Can you guarantee me media coverage or other contacts?

We make every effort to promote USQ Experts and ensure the site continues to be easy to find, easy to use and achieves high numbers of hits. However, we cannot guarantee that our visitors will choose to contact you or your experts. Your hits depend on the keywords you list and whether individuals are searching for someone with your expertise.

I can comment on a major issue in the news. Can you help me get noticed?

Yes, please contact the USQ Corporate Communication & Public Relations team