3rd Annual Functional Foods and Supplements Symposium

Nutrients for healthy living
15 OCT 2018
8.30 AM - 5.00 PM
H102, Allison Dickson Lecture Theatre, USQ Toowoomba
05 Oct
5.00 PM

Nutrients for Healthy Living

Join us at the symposium to hear the latest research and innovations updates on:

  • Novel sources, including indigenous, imported and GM crops
  • Optimising delivery, including use of by-products and food wastes
  • Realising health potential (preclinical and clinical evaluation, health claims)


Up to 30 September  From 1 October
General  $80.00 inc GST  $120.00 inc GST 
USQ Staff  $30.00 inc GST  $50.00 inc GST 
USQ Student $30.00 inc GST  $50.00 inc GST 

Further information

For further information, please email FunctionalFoodsFestival@usq.edu.au.