TAFE students

At USQ we think TAFE (VET) graduates make great university students, as they’ve got practical knowledge in their field and are already in the study groove.

There are two ways you can use your TAFE (VET) studies to get into to USQ:

    1. Credit for TAFE studies

Use your TAFE (VET) qualification to meet USQ’s entry requirements and put the credit you earned from your TAFE (VET) studies towards your degree – shortening the length of time you’ll take to complete your degree.

Using my TAFE (VET) qualification to get into uni

If you have received one of the following qualifications from TAFE, or a recognised VET institution, you meet USQ’s entry requirements:

  • Diploma/Advanced Diploma
    An Advanced Diploma qualifies you for entry to USQ and satisfies our English prerequisite.
  • Certificate III
    A Certificate III is the minimum requirement for USQ entry but in many cases a diploma or higher is required. You must also satisfy our English requirements.

How much credit will I get?

Find what credit you may be eligible to receive:

How to apply?

If you studied at TAFE, you are able to apply directly to USQ. No need to go through QTAC.

    2. TAFE/USQ programs

If you want a nationally recognised qualification and practical knowledge as soon as possible, together USQ and TAFE have developed ‘dual award’ programs. You will start with a TAFE qualification and once this is successfully completed, seamlessly transfer, with your TAFE credit, to a USQ degree.

How to apply?

If you are an international student and are interested in studying a TAFE diploma and USQ degree please contact us at

Find your TAFE/USQ 'dual award' program