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Head Start courses offered in semester 2

Business & Commerce
ACC1101 Accounting for Decision-Makingyesyes-yes
ECO1000 Economicsyesyes-yes
FIN1101 Introduction to Corporate Finance-yes-yes
MGT1000 Organisational Behaviour---yes
MKT1001 Introduction to Marketing~---yes
POL1000 Government, Business and Society---yes
Creative Arts & Media
FSP1005 Production Management---yes
MUI1011 Digital Composition-yes-yes
SCA1002 Introduction to Creative and Critical Thinkingyesyes-yes
THT1002 Making Theatre History 2yes--yes
TVR1001 Introduction to Television Studio Practice-yes-yes
VIS1402 Artists and their Studio Practiceyes--yes
ECA2100 Early Childhood Creativity and the Arts---yes
ECF1100 Foundations of Early Childhood---yes
ECH1200 Early Years Health and Active Play-yes-yes
EDC1000 Introduction to the Profession---yes
EDC1001 Understanding Learner Developmentyesyes-yes
EDH2152 Health and Wellbeing^^-yes-yes
EDH2253 Scientific Bases of Movement 1*yesyes-yes
EDX1250 Arts Curriculum and Pedagogy 1: Dance, Drama, Media Arts, Music and Visual Arts---yes
EDX1270 English Curriculum and Pedagogy in Lower Primaryyesyes-yes
EDX1450 HPE Curriculum Studies 1yesyes-yes
EHM1200 Mathematics in Early Primaryyesyes-yes
Engineering & Built Environment
ENG1002 Introduction to Engineering and Built Environment Applicationsyesyes-yes
ENG1100 Introduction to Engineering Designyesyes-yes
MEC1201 Engineering Materialsyesyes-yes
Health & Community
NUR1100 Introduction to Nursing Praxis***yes-yesyes
NUR1102 Literacies and Communication for Health Careyes-yesyes
NUR1201 The Patient Experience: Partnering in Care---yes
NUR1202 Professional Identityyes-yesyes
PSY1020 Foundation Psychology Byes-yesyes
PSY1030 Cross-Cultural and Indigenous Psychologyyes-yesyes
Humanities & Communication
CMS1000 Communication and Scholarshipyesyes-yes
HIS1001 Australian Colonies to Federation, 1788-1901yesyes-yes
JRN1020 Introduction to Professional Journalism---yes
SOC1001 Conflict and Peaceyes--yes
Information Technology
CIS1000 Information Systems Conceptsyesyes-yes
CSC1401 Foundation Programmingyesyes-yes
Law & Justice
CRI1121 Crime and Justiceyesyes-yes
LAW1111 Australian Legal System§yes-yesyes
LAW1112 Legal Writing and Research§yes-yesyes
Sciences - Computational
STA1003 Fundamental Statisticsyesyes-yes
Sciences - Lab-Based
BIO1103 Pathology Studies---yes
BIO1104 Medical Microbiology and Immunology 1*yes--yes
BIO1204 Introduction to Biomedical Sciencesyes--yes
SCI1901 Science Fundamentals-yes-yes
*External students are required to attend a compulsory residential school.
This course contributes to Bachelor of Education (Primary) specialising in Health and Physical Education (HPE) only
^^This course contributes to Bachelor of Education (Primary) specialising in Health and Physical Education (HPE) only
§Available at USQ Toowoomba and USQ Ipswich but not at USQ Springfield.
~Not available at USQ Springfield.
**This course is not available to Head Start students in grade 10.
This course will allow students to meet USQ's Bachelor of Education (Primary) & Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood) science pre-requisite. This course does not provide guaranteed entry or credit into any USQ degree program.