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Applied Mathematics

Students are able to enrol in any offered mode of a course (on-campus, external or online), regardless of the program mode of study they enrolled in.

Enrolment requirements

Choose at least four of the following courses:

MAT1101 Discrete Mathematics for ComputingS1 , S1  S1 , S1    S1  
MAT1102 Algebra and Calculus IS1 , S1     S1  
MAT2100 Algebra and Calculus IIS2 , S2     S2  Pre-requisite: MAT1102 or MAT1502 or ENM1600 or Students must be enrolled in the following program: MSCN or MEPR or BSED
MAT2200 Operations Research 1S2 , S2     S2  Pre-requisite: MAT1102 or ENM1600 or equivalent or approval from the examiner. Enrolment is not permitted in MAT2200 if MAT1200 has been previously completed.
STA2301 Distribution TheoryS1     S1  Pre-requisite: (STA2300 or STA1003 or equivalent) and (MAT1102 or ENM1600)
MAT3104 Mathematical Modelling in Financial Economics#    S2  Pre-requisite: (STA2300 or STA1003 or equivalent) and (MAT2100 or MAT2500 or ENM2600)
MAT2409 High Performance Numerical ComputingS1 , S1     S1  Pre-requisite: (CSC2410 or CSC1401) and (MAT1102 or ENM1600) or Students must be enrolled in one of the following Programs: MPIT or MCOT or MCTE
MAT3105 Harmony of Partial Differential Equations##S1 , S1     S1  Pre-requisite: ENM2600 or MAT2100 or MAT2500
MAT3103 Mathematical Modelling and Dynamical Systems##S2 , S2     S2  Pre-requisite: MAT2100 or MAT2500 or ENM2600

#The on-campus offering of this course is offered in odd years only.
##The on-campus offering of this course is offered in even years only.