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Students are able to enrol in any offered mode of a course (on-campus, external or online), regardless of the program mode of study they enrolled in.

Residential schoolEnrolment requirements
BIO1101 Biology 1#S1 , S1    S1 , S1   HR
BIO2103 Biology 2#S2 , S2    S2   HR

and any two or more from the following:

BIO2219 GeneticsS2 , S2     S2  Pre-requisite: BIO1100 or BIO1101 or BIO1204 or AGR1101
BIO2107 Cell and Molecular Biology 1#S1 , S1    S1   HRPre-requisite: CHE2120
BIO2202 Plant Physiology#S2 , S2    S2   HRPre-requisite: BIO1101
BIO2118 Systems Physiology and PharmacologyS1 , S1    S1   Pre-requisite: BIO1203 Co-requisite: STA2300 or STA1003
REN1201 Environmental StudiesS1 , S1  S1    S1  Enrolment is not permitted in REN1201 if REN8101 has been previously completed.
REN2200 Ecology for SustainabilityS1 , S1     S1  Enrolment is not permitted in REN2200 if REN8202 has been previously completed.
REN3302 Sustainable Resource UseS2 , S2     S2  
REN3301 Biodiversity and ConservationS2 , S2     S2  

# If studied externally, Residential School attendance is highly recommended.