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Students are able to enrol in any offered mode of a course (on-campus, external or online), regardless of the program mode of study they enrolled in.

This minor is intended for students wishing to gain a broad perspective of the field of Psychology.

Enrolment requirements
PSY1010 Foundation Psychology AS1 , S1   S1 , S1   S1 , S3  
PSY1020 Foundation Psychology B~S2 , S2   S2 , S2   S1 , S2  

and at least two of the following:

PSY1030 Cross-Cultural and Indigenous PsychologyS2 , S2   S2 , S2   S2 , S3  
PSY2010 Social Processes of BehaviourS1 , S1   S1 , S1   S1  Pre-requisite: PSY1010
PSY2020 Motivation and EmotionS1 , S1   S1 , S1   S1  Pre-requisite: PSY1010
PSY2030 Developmental PsychologyS2 , S2   S2 , S2   S2  Pre-requisite: PSY1010
PSY2040 Human Information ProcessingS2 , S2   S2 , S2   S2  Pre-requisite: PSY1020 and (PSY2100 or STA2300 or STA1003)
PSY3030 Abnormal PsychologyS1 , S1   S1 , S1   S1  Pre-requisite: PSY1010
PSY3050 Counselling PsychologyS2 , S2   S2 , S2   S2  Pre-requisite: PSY1010
PSY3730 Industrial and Organisational Psychology     

~The on-campus Toowoomba offering of this course will not be available in Semester 1 2018.