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CPA Australia/CAANZ courses 2017

Students with overseas degree qualifications in Commerce, Business or Accounting are able to study conversion courses in order to meet CPA Australia and Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand (CAANZ) entry requirements. These single courses offered by USQ are accredited as satisfying the relevant requirements of professional accounting associations, and can be studied in Australia or overseas. To be eligible to register as a tax agent with the Tax Practitioners Board, further studies in Taxation Law and Commercial Law are required.


Undergraduate courses

ACC1101 Accounting for Decision-Making-S1, S2, S3S1, S2
ACC1102 Financial Accounting-S1, S2, S3S1, S2
ACC2113 Management Accounting I-S1, S2S2
ACC2115 Company Accounting-S1, S2, S3S1, S2
ACC3101 Accounting Information Systems-S2S2
ACC3116 Accounting and Society-S1, S2S1
ACC3118 Auditing-S1, S2S1
ECO1000 Economics-S1, S2, S3S1, S2, S3
FIN1101 Introduction to Corporate Finance-S1, S2, S3S1, S2
LAW1101 Introduction to Law-S1, S2, S3S1, S2
LAW2106 Law of Business Organisations-S2, S3S2
LAW3130 Revenue Law and Practice-S1, S2, S3S1
STA2300 Data Analysis-S1, S2, S3-

Postgraduate Courses

ACC5202 Accounting-S1, S2S1, S2
ACC5213 Management Accounting with a Strategic Perspective-S1, S2S1, S2
ACC5215 Corporate Accounting-S1, S2S1, S2
ACC5216 Accounting Theory-S1, S2S1, S2
ACC5218 Auditing Practice-S1, S2S1, S2
ACC8003 Accounting Information Systems and Controls-S1, S2S1, S2
ECO5000 Economics for Managers-S2, S3S2
FIN5003 Decision Support Tools-S1, S3S1
CIS8000 Global Information Systems Strategy-S1, S2S1, S2
FIN8201 Corporate Finance-S1, S3S1
LAW5230 Taxation Law-S1, S2, S3S1
LAW8500 Australian Commercial and Corporations Law-S1-