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Courses offered in Business & Commerce

ACC1101 Accounting for Decision-Making-S1, S2, S3S1, S2
ACC1105 Accounting Principles-S1, S2, S3S2
ACC2102 Financial Accounting-S1, S2S1
ACC2113 Management Accounting I-S1, S2S2
ACC2115 Company Accounting-S1, S2, S3S2
ACC3114 Management Accounting II-S1-
ACC3116 Accounting and Society-S2S1
ACC3118 Auditing-S1, S2S1
ACC3210 Analysis of Corporate Reporting-S2-
ACC5000 Accounting Applications-S1, S2, S3S1, S2
ACC5200 Financial Reporting-S1, S2S1, S2
ACC5213 Management Accounting with a Strategic Perspective-S1, S2S1, S2
ACC5215 Corporate Accounting-S1, S2S1, S2
ACC5216 Accounting Theory-S1, S2S1, S2
ACC5218 Auditing Practice-S1, S2S1, S2
ACC5502 Accounting and Financial Management-S1, S3S1
ACC8000 Research in Accounting Practice-S1, S2S2
ACC8105 Financial Statement Analysis-S1S1
ACC8801 Corporate Governance and Social Responsibility-S2S2
ACC8802 Strategic Applications of Management Accounting-S2S2
AVN2101 Airport Operations and Management-S1S1
AVN2103 Airline Operations Management-S2S2
AVN3105 Contemporary Issues in Aviation-S2S2
AVN3106 Emergency Response Planning-S2S2
ECO1000 Economics-S1, S2, S3S1, S2
ECO2000 The Macro-economy and Business-S2-
ECO2001 Business Economics-S1-
ECO2100 Aviation Economics-S2-
ECO3002 Economic Policy Analysis-S2-
ECO3010 International Economics and Trade-S1-
ECO3020 Behavioural Economics-S1-
ECO3030 Sustainable Economies-S2-
ECO5000 Economics for Managers-S2S2
ECO8011 Global Issues in Sustainability-S1-
ECO8012 Methods for Sustainable Development-S2-
ECO8060 Business in the International Economy-S1-
EMP2030 Employability and Professional Skills-S2-
FIN1101 Introduction to Corporate Finance-S1, S2, S3S1, S2
FIN1103 Financial Markets-S2, S3S2
FIN2105 Portfolio Management-S2S2
FIN2106 Personal Financial Planning-S1S1
FIN2108 Credit Analysis and Lending Management-S2S2
FIN2302 Financial Economics-S1S1
FIN3101 Finance Theory and Applications-S2S2
FIN3106 International Finance-S1S1
FIN3109 Managing Financial Institutions-S1S1
FIN5003 Decision Support Tools-S1, S3S1
FIN8104 International Financial Management-S2S2
FIN8201 Corporate Finance-S1, S3S1
FIN8202 Financial Markets and Instruments-S2-
FIN8203 Strategic Investments-S1-
FIN8204 Investor Psychology and Wealth Management-S2-
FIN8205 Contemporary Issues in Wealth Management-S2-
MGT1000 Organisational Behaviour-S1, S2, S3S1
MGT1001 Foundations of Human Resource Management-S1S1
MGT2001 Risk Mitigation, Work Health and Safety-S1S1
MGT2002 Perspectives of Organisation-S2, S3S2
MGT2004 Enhancing Performance-S2S2
MGT2007 Leadership-S1-
MGT2204 Business Ethics and Governance-S1, S3S1
MGT3001 Global Management-S1, S3S1
MGT3002 Managing Change-S2S2
MGT3004 Creativity, Innovation and Entrepreneurship-S2-
MGT3005 Workforce Design-S1S1
MGT3006 Employment Relations-S2S2
MGT3010 Business Strategy in a Global Environment-S1, S3-
MGT3201 Organisational Administration-S2-
MGT3203 Project Management Processes-S2, S3S2
MGT5000 Managing Organisational Behaviour-S1, S3S1
MGT8002 Strategic Management-S1, S2, S3-
MGT8006 Inclusive Workplaces-S1-
MGT8007 Strategies for Workforce Inclusion-S2-
MGT8022 Project-Based Management-S2, S3S2
MGT8030 Performance Management and People Development-S1-
MGT8031 Global Issues in Employment Relations-S2-
MGT8033 Leading Organisational Change-S1, S2S2
MGT8034 Strategic Management of Human Resources and Innovation-S3-
MGT8037 Leading Teams to Success-S2-
MGT8038 Leadership Development-S1-
MGT8039 Strategic Leadership-S3-
MGT8040 Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Creativity-S2-
MGT8043 Contemporary HRM Issues for Managers-S2-
MGT8047 The Leader's Mind-S1S1
MGT8070 Property Development-S1-
MGT8072 Property Ownership Management-S2-
MGT8073 Project Processes and Systems-S1S1
MGT8074 Project Team Leadership-S2S2
MGT8075 Project Delivery-S2S2
MGT8076 Project-based Change Management-S1S1
MGT8077 Project Risk Management-S1S1
MGT8078 Portfolio, Program and Benefits Management-S1S1
MGT8079 Project Management Research Project-S1-
MKT1001 Introduction to Marketing-S1, S2, S3S1
MKT1002 Consumer Behaviour-S1, S2-
MKT2001 Marketing Communications-S2, S3S2
MKT2013 Digital Marketing and Branding-S1, S3S1
MKT2014 Global Marketing Channels-S2S2
MKT2015 Creating Marketing Value-S1S1
MKT3001 Marketing Research-S1-
MKT3007 Marketing Strategy-S2S2
MKT5000 Marketing Management-S2, S3S2
MKT8001 Buyer Behaviour-S1-
MKT8002 International Marketing-S1-
MKT8009 Integrated Marketing Communication-S2-
MKT8011 Digital Marketing-S2S2
MKT8012 Strategic Marketing and Innovation-S2-
POL1000 Government, Business and Society-S1, S2S1
POL2000 Political and Economic Ideas-S1-
POL2001 Politics and International Business-S2S2
POL3013 Sustainability and Politics-S1-
TOU1003 Tourism Management-S1S1
TOU1004 Destination and Experience Marketing-S2S2
TOU2008 Ecotourism-S1-
TOU2009 Cultural Tourism-S2S2
TOU3010 Event Management-S2S2