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Courses offered in Creative Arts & Media 2021

CWR1001 Writing Good Prose-S1, S3S1
CWR1003 Writing for Young Readers-S1, S3S1, S3
DIT1001 Aesthetics for Interactive Systems-S1S1
DIT1004 3D Modeling Studio-S2S2
DIT1005 Motion Design-S2S2
FSP1001 Location Production 1--S1
FSP1002 Location Production 2--S2
FSP1003 Editing Lab 1-S1S1
FSP1004 Graphic Design and Digital Art Practice-S2-
FSP1005 Production Management-S2-
FSP1006 Editing Lab 2-S2S2
FTR2002 Broadcast Radio and Audio Production 1-S1S1
FTR2003 Television Studio Production--S1
FTR2005 3D Modelling-S1S1
FTR2006 Documentary and Factual Entertainment--S1
FTR2011 CG Animation-S2S2
FTR3000 Media Business-S1-
FTR3002 Story and Style-S1S1
FTR3007 Authorship and Creativity-S2-
MUI1001 Collaborative Music Practice 1-S1S1
MUI1002 Collaborative Music Practice 2-S2-
MUI1006 Musical Contexts: Popular Music-S2S2
MUI1010 Guitar Skills-S1-
MUI1011 Digital Composition-S2S2
MUI1013 Decoding Music-S1S1
MUI2002 Popular Songwriting-S1S1
MUI2006 Musical Contexts 2: Western Popular Music-S1-
MUI3012 Musical Contexts: Critical Perspectives-S2-
SCA1001 Persuasive Communication: Presenting Yourself and Your Ideas-S1, S3S1
SCA1002 Introduction to Creative and Critical Thinking-S2, S3S2
THE2003 Children's and Young People's Theatre-S1S1
THE8001 Shakespearean Negotiations (Masters)--S1
THE8002 The Body: Representation and Imposition (Masters)-S2-
THT1000 Foundation Skills of the Working ActorS1-S1
THT1001 Making Theatre History 1: Classic Plays in Context-S1S1
THT1002 Making Theatre History 2-S2S2
THT1003 Theatre in Communities-S2S2
THT1004 Acting and InterpretationS1-S1
TVR1001 Introduction to Television Studio PracticeS2-S2
TVR1002 Introduction to Radio ProductionS1S1S1
TVR1003 Sound Design for Production--S2
VIS1020 3D Studio Foundations-S2-
VIS1101 Perspectives in Visual Arts: Movements, Moments and Events-S1-
VIS1201 Ways of Seeing Art-S1-
VIS1302 Innovation in Art, Architecture, New Media and Design-S2-
VIS1402 Artists and their Studio Practice-S2-
VIS8010 Studio Workshop and Theory Development (Masters)-S1-
VIS8011 Aesthetic Theory (Masters)-S2S2
VSA2000 Perspectives in Contemporary Art-S1, S3S1
VSA2001 Artists, Works and Processes-S2S2
VSA2002 Contemporary Art Practice 2-S1-
VSA2003 Contemporary Art Practice 3-S2S2
VSA2004 Visual Arts Project 2-S1S1
VSA2005 Visual Arts Project 3-S2S2
VSA2006 Gallery Studies 1-S1-
VSA2007 Gallery Studies 2-S2-
VSA3002 Gallery Studies 3-S1-
VSA3003 Gallery Studies 4-S2-
VSA3004 Contemporary Art Practice 4-S1-
VSA3005 Contemporary Art Practice 5-S2S2
VSA3021 Contemporary Art Theory 1-S1S1
VSA3022 Contemporary Art Theory 2-S2S2