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Courses offered in Health & Community 2020

ANP5001 Introduction to Rural and Remote Nursing Practice-S1-
ANP5002 Immunisation NursingS2--
ANP8003 Management in Health Care Practice-S1-
CDS1000 Community Welfare and Development-S1, S3-
CDS1001 Human Relations and CommunicationsS1--
CDS2000 Ethical Issues and Human Rights in the Human Services-S1-
CDS3001 Assessment and Report Writing in CounsellingS2--
CDS3002 Counselling Theory and PracticeS1--
COU5001 Couple and Family Counselling-S1-
COU5002 Child and Youth Counselling-S2-
COU5004 Mental Health Practice 1-S1-
COU5005 Mental Health Practice 2-S2-
COU5006 Professional Counselling Practice, Identity, and EthicsS1--
COU5007 Counselling Issues and ContextsS2--
COU5008 Group Counselling Processes and Practice-S2-
COU5009 Counselling Skills and ApplicationsS1--
COU5010 Counselling FrameworksS2--
COU5012 Contexts of Mental Health Counselling-S1-
NUR8060 Health Policy Analysis and Review-S1, S2-
NUR8340 The Law and Health Care Practice-S2-
NUR8550 Professional Studies 1-S1, S2-
PSY1010 Foundation Psychology A-S1, S3S1
PSY1020 Foundation Psychology B-S2-
PSY1030 Cross-Cultural and Indigenous Psychology-S2, S3-
PSY1101 Critical Thinking-S3-
PSY2010 Social Processes of Behaviour-S1-
PSY2020 Motivation and Emotion-S1-
PSY2030 Developmental Psychology-S2-
PSY2040 Human Information Processing-S2-
PSY3010 Assessment of Behaviour-S1-
PSY3030 Abnormal Psychology-S1-
PSY3050 Counselling Psychology-S2-
PSY3060 Learning and Behaviour Change-S1S1
PSY3110 Clinical Health Psychology-S2-
PSY3250 Sport and Exercise Psychology-S2-
PSY3730 Industrial and Organisational Psychology-S1-
PSY5010 Assessment for Substance Misuse-S1-
PSY5020 Motivational Interviewing-S1-
PSY5030 Introduction to Psychoactive Drugs-S2-
PSY5040 Relapse Prevention-S2-
PSY5050 Research Methods for Practitioners--S2
PSY5060 Child and Adolescent Psychology--S2
PSY5110 Ethical, Legal and Professional Issues--S1
PSY5140 Comprehensive Psychological Assessment--S1
PSY5145 Intervention Strategies--S1
SES8007 Advanced Exercise Assessment and DeliveryS2--