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Courses offered in Humanities & Communication 2018

ANT1000 World Archaeology: An Introduction-S2S2
ANT1001 Introductory Anthropology-S1, S3S1
ANT2007 Ethnographic Methods: Making Anthropology-S2S2
CMS1000 Communication and Scholarship-S1, S2, S3S1, S2
CMS1010 Introduction to Communication Studies-S1S1
CMS1012 Introduction to Media Studies-S2S2
CMS1100 Communicating in the Sciences-S1, S2S1
CMS2017 Television: History, Texts and Industry-S1S1
CMS2018 Cultural Industries - Cultural Economies-S2-
CMS2019 Global Hollywood-S1S1
CMS3013 New Media-S1-
ENL1000 Introduction to Literature-S1, S3S1
ENL1001 Australian Stories-S2S2
ENL2004 Gothic Stories: Terror over Time-S2S2
ENL2005 Shakespeare and Early Modern Literature-S2-
ENL2006 Literature and Adolescence: Writing the Child-S1S1
ENL2007 Speculative Fictions / Science Fiction-S1S1
ENL3008 Screening Literature: Texts in Adaptation-S2S2
HIS1000 World History to 1500 CE-S1S1
HMT1000 History of Western Ideas-S2S2
HMT2000 Ethical Issues and Human Rights-S1S1
HMT3001 Independent Study Project A-S1-
HMT3002 Independent Study Project B-S2-
INR1000 International Relations in a Globalizing Era-S1S1
INR1001 Global Transitions and Human Security-S2S2
INR2000 Issues in a Globalizing World-S1S1
INR3005 Migrant Worlds: Issues in Contemporary and Historical Migration-S2-
ISE1000 Introduction to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island Australia-S1S1
ISE1001 First Nations Literature and Writings-S1S1
ISE1002 Comparative and Contemporary Indigenous Cultures-S2S2
ISE1003 Contexts of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Art and Representation-S2S2
JRN1010 News Literacy-S1S1
JRN1020 Journalism Practice-S2, S3S2
JRN2000 News Reporting-S1S1
JRN2001 Photojournalism and Editorial Design-S1-
JRN2002 Radio Journalism-S2-
JRN2006 Media Law and Ethics-S2S2
JRN3001 Online Journalism-S2S2
JRN3003 Feature Writing-S1S1
LAC1001 Language Survival Skills-S1S1
LAC1002 Language, Peoples and Places-S2S2
LAC2001 Language, Culture and Custom-S1-
LAC2002 Language, History and Identity-S2-
LAC3001 Language and the Contemporary World-S1-
LAC3002 Language and Culture Special Project-S2-
LAC3003 Language and Culture Special Project A-S2-
PRL1002 Principles and Practice of Public Relations-S1S1
PRL1005 Social Media Engagement-S2S2
PRL2001 Issues and Crisis Management-S2S2
PRL2002 Community Consultation and Development-S1S1
PRL2003 Writing for Public Relations-S1S1
PRL2004 Issues in Organisational Communication-S2S2
PRL3001 Public Relations Campaign Development-S1-
PRL3003 Public Sector and Public Service Communication-S2S2
PRL3012 Public Relations Research-S1, S3-
PRL5004 Professional Communication-S2-
PRL8007 Community Participation-S1-
PRL8008 Social Media for Organisations-S2-
PUB1001 Publishing and Culture-S1-
PUB3001 Editing and Publishing for Writers-S1-
PUB5001 Introduction to Editing and Publishing-S1-
PUB5002 Writing for Editors-S1-
PUB5003 Editing in Practice-S2-
PUB5004 Professional Practice in Editing and Publishing-S2-
PUB5006 Introduction to Electronic Publishing-S2-
SOC1000 Approaches to the Social Sciences-S1S1
SOC1001 Conflict and Peace-S2S2
SOC2022 Power and Society-S2-
SOC3000 Collaborative Community Problem Solving-S2-
SOC3001 Global Conflict Communication-S2-