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Courses offered in Law & Justice 2018

LAW1101 Introduction to Law-S1, S2, S3S1, S2
LAW1111 Australian Legal System-S1, S2S1, S2
LAW1112 Legal Writing and Research-S1, S2S1, S2
LAW1113 Civil Obligations A (Contract and Torts)-S1S1
LAW1121 Criminal Law-S2, S3S2
LAW1122 Legal Conflict Resolution-S2S2
LAW1123 Civil Obligations B (Contract)-S2S2
LAW1124 Civil Obligations C (Torts)-S2S2
LAW2104 Business and Consumer Law-S1-
LAW2106 Law of Business Organisations-S2, S3S2
LAW2107 Environmental Law-S1S1
LAW2211 Constitutional Law-S1, S3S1
LAW2212 Equity-S1S1
LAW2213 Property and Trusts A-S1S1
LAW2221 Administrative Law-S2S2
LAW2222 Public International and Human Rights Law-S2S2
LAW2223 Property and Trusts B-S2S2
LAW2224 Theories of Law-S2S2
LAW3130 Revenue Law and Practice-S1, S2, S3S1
LAW3131 Revenue Law and Practice II-S2-
LAW3311 Company Law-S1S1
LAW3312 Ethics for Lawyers-S1, S3S1
LAW3321 Evidence-S2S2
LAW3322 Civil Procedure-S2S2
LAW3421 Family Law-S2S2
LAW3444 Competition and Consumer Law-S1-
LAW3464 International Trade Law-S1-
LAW3466 Moot Court Bench-S1S1
LAW3469 Australian Criminal Codes-S1S1
LAW3471 Criminology-S1-
LAW5111 Advanced Australian Legal System-S1, S2-
LAW5112 Advanced Legal Writing and Research-S1, S2-
LAW5113 Advanced Civil Obligations A (Contract and Torts)-S1-
LAW5121 Advanced Criminal Law-S2, S3-
LAW5122 Advanced Legal Conflict Resolution-S2-
LAW5123 Advanced Civil Obligations B (Contract)-S2-
LAW5124 Advanced Civil Obligations C (Torts)-S2-
LAW5211 Advanced Constitutional Law-S1, S3-
LAW5212 Advanced Equity-S1-
LAW5213 Advanced Property and Trusts A-S1-
LAW5221 Advanced Administrative Law-S2-
LAW5222 Advanced Public International and Human Rights Law-S2-
LAW5223 Advanced Property and Trusts B-S2-
LAW5224 Advanced Theories of Law-S2-
LAW5230 Taxation Law-S1, S2, S3S1
LAW5311 Advanced Company Law-S1-
LAW5312 Advanced Ethics for Lawyers-S1, S3-
LAW5321 Advanced Evidence-S2-
LAW5322 Advanced Civil Procedure-S2-
LAW8001 Legal Research Methodology-S1, S2S1, S2
LAW8118 International Business Law-S1-
LAW8500 Australian Commercial and Corporations Law-S1, S2-
LAW8701 Constitutional Human Rights-S2-
LAW8703 Comparative Employment Law-S2-
LAW8704 Corporate Governance Law-S2-
LAW8706 International Humanitarian Law-S3-
LAW8709 Comparative Native Title Law and Policy-S1-
LAW8710 Australian Law for School Managers-S2-
LAW8713 Sustainable Environmental Governance-S1-
LAW8714 Water Resources Law-S1-
LAW8718 International Family Law-S1-
LAW8719 Accredited General Mediation-S3-