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Courses offered in Sciences - Lab-Based 2021

BIO1101 Biology 1S1--
BIO1103 Pathology Studies-S1, S2S1
BIO1104 Medical Microbiology and Immunology 1S2-S2
BIO1203 Human Anatomy and Physiology 1S1, S3-S1
BIO1204 Introduction to Biomedical SciencesS1, S2-S1, S2
BIO1206 Human Anatomy and Physiology 2S2, S3-S2
BIO2103 Biology 2S2--
BIO2104 Molecular Diagnostics 1S1-S1
BIO2106 Medical Microbiology and Immunology 2S2-S2
BIO2108 Haematology 1S1-S1
BIO2118 Systems Physiology and PharmacologyS1-S1
BIO2119 Biochemistry of Nutrition-S2S2
BIO2215 Clinical Biochemistry 1S1-S1
BIO2216 Histopathology and Cytology 1S2--
BIO2217 Transfusion ScienceS2--
BIO2218 Concepts in EndocrinologyS2-S2
BIO3102 Human Pathophysiology-S1-
BIO3107 Haematology 2S1-S1
BIO3201 Extreme Physiology and Pharmacology-S2-
BIO3204 Molecular Diagnostics 2S2-S2
BIO3215 Clinical Biochemistry 2-S2-
BIO3216 Immunopathology and Clinical MicrobiologyS2-S2
BIO3219 Biochemistry of Human Diseases-S1S1
CHE1110 Chemistry 1S1--
CHE2120 Chemistry 2--S2
CLI1110 Weather and Climate-S1-
CLI2201 Climate Change and Variability-S2-
CLI3301 Climate and Environment Risk Assessment-S1-
CLI3302 Adaptation to Climate Change-S2-
CLI8001 Climate Risk-S1-
CLI8204 Global Environmental Systems-S1-
CLI8205 Climate and Sustainability-S2-
PHY1101 Astronomy 1-S1-
PHY1104 Physics 1-S1-
PHY1107 Astronomy 2-S2-
PHY1911 Physics 2-S2-
PHY2206 Medical Physics-S2-
PHY3305 Quantum Mechanics-S1-
PHY3306 Solar and Stellar Astronomy-S1-
REN1201 Environmental Studies-S1-
REN3301 Biodiversity and Conservation-S2-
REN3302 Sustainable Resource Use-S2-
REN8101 Environment, Society and Sustainability-S1-
REN8202 Conservation for Sustainable Futures-S2-
REN8203 Sustainability Science-S2-
SCI1901 Science Fundamentals-S1-
WIN1101 Grape and Wine Production-S1-
WIN2210 Viticultural Principles and Production-S2-
WIN2215 Wine Biochemistry and Microbiology-S2-
WIN2220 Wine Production-S2-