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Biology 2017

Students are able to enrol in any offered mode of a course (on-campus, external or online), regardless of the program mode of study they enrolled in.

This minor study is especially suitable for Bachelor of Arts students. It contains an introduction to all of the major subject areas within biology, including botany, zoology, genetics, animal behaviour and cellular physiology. There is also an opportunity for students to gain greater insight and depth in some parts of the overall field of biology.

Bachelor of Arts students who wish to study a seven unit major in Biology, must contact the Faculty of Health, Engineering and Sciences for advice.

Residential schoolEnrolment requirements
BIO1101 Biology 1#S1    S1   C
BIO2103 Biology 2#S2    S2   CPre-requisite: BIO1101

and any two or more from the following:

BIO2219 GeneticsS2     S2  Pre-requisite: BIO1101 and STA2300
BIO2107 Cell and Molecular Biology 1S1     S1  Pre-requisite: CHE2120
BIO2202 Plant Physiology#S2    S2   CPre-requisite: BIO1101
BIO2118 Human Physiology and Pharmacology 1S1     S1  Pre-requisite: BIO1203
REN1201 Environmental StudiesS1  S1    S1  
REN2200 Ecology for Sustainability*S1     S1  
REN3302 Sustainable Resource UseS2     S2  
REN3301 Biodiversity and ConservationS2     S2  

# If studied externally, Residential School attendance is compulsory.
*Offered externally from S1, 2012