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Minor Studies 2016

Students in many programs are required to take a minor study. A minor study is a group of courses designed to provide students with an area of knowledge and skills that either:

  • draw from a recognised discipline and are designed to contribute to the major study, or

  • may transcend traditional disciplinary boundaries, but complements the objectives of the program.

A number of minor studies are available to students in these programs, including specific minors offered in each program.

Students are advised to consider the whole range of minor studies offered. However the availability of general minor studies may be limited by a number of factors, including:

  • the authorisation of the student’s choice by the Academic Adviser and Faculty

  • the satisfactory completion of pre-requisite courses by the student

  • the provisions of the Faculty offering the minor, including audition and interview requirements in certain areas of the Arts and Education

  • timetabling constraints

  • quotas.

Minor studies should be taken in a structured sequence.

Business and Commerce 2016 minors


Administrative Management

Advanced Accounting

Banking and Financial Services

Business Administration

Business Basics

Business Economics

Business Law

Business Systems Management


Economics and Politics


Global Political Economy

Human Resource Management

Information Management

International Business

Management and Leadership

Management Law


Marketing Management

New Enterprise Management

Politics and International Relations

Services Marketing

Small Business

Strategic Planning

Supply Chain Management


Wine Business Management

Creative Arts and Media 2016 minors

Creative Arts Interdisciplinary Studies

Creative Writing

Film Television and Radio



Visual Arts Practice

Visual Arts Theory

Education 2016 minors

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies (Secondary)

Early Childhood

Early Childhood Studies (VET only) (Secondary)

Economics (Secondary)

Education Studies

Engineering Technology (Secondary)

Hospitality Studies (Secondary) - Cross-institutional study through Central Queensland University (CQU)

Junior English (Secondary)

Junior Health and Physical Education (HPE) (Secondary)

Junior History (Secondary)

Junior Mathematics (Secondary)

Junior Science (Secondary)

Legal Studies (Secondary)

Religious Education (Primary and Early Childhood) - Cross-institutional study through Australian Lutheran College and Australian Catholic University

Religious Education (Secondary) - Cross-institutional study through Australian Catholic University

Special Education

Tourism (Secondary)

Engineering and Built Environment 2016 minors

Building and Structures


Electronic Manufacturing

Geographic Information Systems

Land Use Management

Materials and Manufacturing

Health and Community 2016 minors

Child and Family

Community Welfare and Development



Humanities and Communication 2016 minors


Communication and Media Studies

Communication and Media Studies - Springfield campus

English Literature

History - Springfield campus


Indigenous Studies

International Relations


Language and Culture

Public Relations

Information Technology 2016 minors


Information Systems Development

Information Systems Management

Sciences 2016 minors

Applied Mathematics


Ecology and the Environment, Climate and Sustainability



Mathematics and Physical Sciences

Operations Management



Wine Science

Non-specific minors

Environmental Studies