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Accelerated Entry Pathway Program (AEPP) - AEPP

Start:Semester 3 (November)
Fees:Commonwealth supported place
Standard duration:1 semester, part-time 


The Accelerated Entry Pathway Program is a non-award program.

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Program aims

The Accelerated Entry Pathway Program (AEPP) aims to enable school leavers to develop the skills, knowledge and attributes needed to successfully transition from high school to university study. The program provides students with the opportunity to develop the academic literacies required to locate, interpret, analyse and critically evaluate a wide range of information, including quantitative data, and to construct and support their own ideas and arguments. Students will investigate issues relevant to the context of higher education, engage in career development and planning and undertake tasks related to self-management, including goal setting, time management and planning. As learning will focus on participation in practical, authentic activities relevant to beginning university study, students will gain confidence in their abilities to manage their study. This program is designed to be a challenging program and will so appeal to Year 12 leavers who wish to enhance their readiness to transition into undergraduate programs.

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Program objectives

Upon successful completion of the program, students will be able to:

  1. Apply academic literacy and numeracy knowledge, skills and attitudes required for successful transition into tertiary study;

  2. Use self-management competencies required to participate effectively in an academic community; and

  3. Apply communicative and collaborative competencies required to participate effectively in an academic community.

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Australian Qualifications Framework

The Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) is a single national, comprehensive system of qualifications offered by higher education institutions (including universities), vocational education and training institutions and secondary schools. Each AQF qualification has a set of descriptors which define the type and complexity of knowledge, skills and application of knowledge and skills that a graduate who has been awarded that qualification has attained, and the typical volume of learning associated with that qualification type.

This program is at AQF Qualification Level 04. Graduates at this level will have theoretical and practical knowledge and skills for specialised and/or skilled work and/or further learning.

The full set of levels criteria and qualification type descriptors can be found by visiting

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Admission requirements

To be eligible for admission, applicants must satisfy the following requirements:

This program is suitable for students who require English (4, SA) and who wish to build on their achievements in Year 12 and prepare for successful transition into university.
To be eligible for admission into this program, applicants will need to be current Year 12 (or equivalent) students. In some circumstances school leavers might be admitted within a 1 or 2 year period of completing Year 12. Students not meeting this requirement and experiencing exceptional circumstances can apply for consideration on a case-by-case basis.

Applicants are required to provide evidence of their Year 12 enrolment and achievement. Applications will be assessed individually and alternative pathways provided for students for whom AEPP is not the most appropriate program.

All students are required to satisfy the applicable English language requirements.

If students do not meet the English language requirements they may apply to study a University-approved English language program. On successful completion of the English language program, students may be admitted to an award program.

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Program fees

Commonwealth supported place

A Commonwealth supported place is where the Australian Government makes a contribution towards the cost of a students' higher education and students pay a student contribution amount, which varies depending on the courses undertaken. Students are able to calculate the fees for a particular course via the Course Fee Finder.

Commonwealth Supported students may be eligible to defer their fees through a Government loan called HECS-HELP.

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Program structure

This program consists of two compulsory core courses:

Core courses

Students who successfully complete AEPP are eligible to apply for direct entry pathway into specified a wide range of USQ undergraduate programs with the single pre-requisite of English (4, SA) or equivalent. Eligibility for direct entry into other USQ undergraduate programs may depend on the student’s completion of additional pre-requisites, as specified in the USQ Handbook.

Successful completion of the compulsory core courses meets the English pre-requisite (4, SA) for entry into USQ undergraduate programs.

While successful completion of the compulsory core components of the AEPP will allow students to apply for entry into specified a range USQ undergraduate programs, AEPP courses cannot be used to gain credit towards an undergraduate program.

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Program completion requirements

To successfully complete the Accelerated Entry Pathway Program students must successfully complete the two compulsory core courses:

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Required time limits

Students have a maximum of one (1) semester to complete this program. The program is only offered in Semester 3.

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IT requirements

Students must have reliable and ready access to email and the Internet. For information technology requirements, please see the minimum computing standards

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Residential schools

The attendance requirement of residential schools within this degree is indicated by the following letters: V = Voluntary; O = Optional; C = Compulsory; R = Recommended; HR = Highly Recommended; M = Mandatory. To find out more about residential schools, visit the Residential School Schedule to view specific dates for your degree, or visit the Policy and Procedure Library.

Students are required to attend mandatory residential schools at a USQ campus during semester 3.

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Successful completion of the AEPP meets the English pre-requisite (4, SA) for entry into USQ undergraduate programs. Students who successfully complete both AEP1111 Transitioning to University and AEP1112 Applied Academic Literacies are eligible to apply for USQ undergraduate programs that require the single pre-requisite of English (4, SA) or equivalent.

For further information about the entry requirements for undergraduate study, students should refer to the entry requirements for their selected program in the USQ Handbook. Students should be familiar with the Assumed Knowledge and Recommended Prior Study specifications for the undergraduate program they wish to undertake.

Students wishing to apply for other USQ undergraduate programs that have pre-requisites in addition to English (4, SA) may be eligible to apply based on a combination of their successful completion of high school courses and their completion of the AEPP.

Students wishing to gain entry into their chosen USQ undergraduate program but who have not met the requirements upon their completion of AEPP may enrol in additional Tertiary Preparation Program courses to meet these entry requirements.

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Related programs

Upon completion of the Accelerated Entry Pathway Program (AEPP), students wishing to articulate into USQ undergraduate programs which require additional pre-requisites for entry may apply to study courses from the Tertiary Preparation Program

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Students are able to enrol in external mode only. All students will be required to attend mandatory residential schools at a USQ campus.

Recommended enrolment pattern

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Students undertaking the Accelerated Entry Pathway Program (AEPP) must complete the two compulsory courses concurrently. The recommended enrolment pattern for the two compulsory core courses is as follows:

CourseYear of program and semester in which course is normally studiedEnrolment requirements
AEP1111 Transitioning to University13Co-requisite: AEP1112
AEP1112 Applied Academic Literacies13Co-requisite: AEP1111