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Psychology and Counselling Clinics

USQ's Psychology and Counselling Clinics are a community psychological service centre for children, adolescents and adults of all ages, operated by the School of Psychology and Counselling at USQ Toowoomba and USQ Ipswich.

The clinics offer services in therapy, consultation and cognitive assessment for both individuals and groups. These services are provided by provisionally registered psychologists who are postgraduate students undertaking advanced study in psychology at USQ. All of our services are provided under the supervision of USQ staff who are Clinical Psychologists, and are approved supervisors under the Psychology Board of Australia.  


The USQ Psychology and Counselling Clinics operate Monday to Friday from 9:00am to 5:00pm by appointment.


Fees for attending the clinics at USQ Toowoomba and USQ Ipswich are:

Individual Therapy Session

$20.00 per visit

Negotiable for tertiary students and concession card holders 
Group Therapy Session $5.00 per participant per session
Assessment Services $250.00 per assessment (includes report) 

Fees are negotiable in special circumstances.

Toowoomba Clinic  +61 7 4631 1763 / 
Ipswich Clinic +61 7 3812 6163 /