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About the School of Sciences

Science is fundamental to modern society and the School of Sciences is dedicated to leadership in both teaching and research across a range of science related areas. The School is a leader in practice based learning and applied research in a range of science related disciplines relevant to many of today’s professions.

The School of Sciences’ goal is to facilitate outstanding teaching, learning and research in science based disciplines to allow people to apply their knowledge, be innovative and to contribute to improving society. The emphasis of our programs and courses is to allow students to fully benefit from our expertise in the integration of leading edge teaching and research across a range of science related areas. Many of our programs have the potential to link to industry experience.

People are our strength and many of our staff members are recognised at both the national and international level for research and expertise in their fields of endeavour. The school has a broad array of research interests and programs. These are generally interdisciplinary, cross-faculty and collaborative in nature.