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About the School of Surveying and Built Environment

With the world’s increasing population and declining resources, the sustainable development of our natural and built environments requires innovative engineering and planning solutions. The School of Surveying and Built Environment offers an integrated suite of programs that support the planning, design, construction and management of our natural and built environments. The School’s goal is to provide rewarding and exciting career opportunities for our graduates to make a real difference in society.

The School of Surveying and Built Environment offers professionally accredited undergraduate and postgraduate programs in civil, environmental and agricultural engineering, surveying, urban and regional planning, spatial information and construction management. Our programs encompass the planning, design, mapping and construction of infrastructure that is critical to a modern society including land and property infrastructure, dams and water supply systems, ports and harbours, mines, roads, railways and transport systems, and large structures such as buildings, bridges, tunnels. With specialisations in environmental and agricultural engineering, graduates have the opportunity to influence the efficient and sustainable provision of food and water supplies.

We deliver our programs through on campus and flexible distance delivery modes to over 2500 students around Australia and overseas. Our staff are professionally qualified, student focused and recognised internationally for their research work and expertise.