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Human Resources

47. Annual leave

47.1 General conditions

47.1.1 An employee (excluding casuals) is entitled to twenty (20) days annual leave (pro rata) on ordinary rates for each continuous year of service, or on a proportional basis for any period of service which is less than twelve (12) months.

47.1.2 Annual leave will be exclusive of any gazetted public holiday which may occur during the period of leave.

47.1.3 An employee will be paid annual leave loading (17.5% of salary for the period of leave accrued during that year). The annual leave loading is calculated on the ordinary salary rate of payment applicable at the time of payment.

47.1.4 An employee receiving a higher duties allowance will be entitled to annual leave at their current rate of pay at the time of taking the leave.

An employee who becomes ill during a period of annual leave may claim personal leave instead of annual leave for the period of the illness that is more than three (3) days. The employee must provide a certificate from a qualified medical practitioner for the period of the illness if that period is for more than three (3) days. Annual leave may then be extended or re-credited by the same period.

47.1.6 Upon ceasing employment at the University an employee will be paid the cash equivalent of pro rata annual leave and accumulated annual leave loading due.

All annual leave accrued by fixed term employees will be taken by the employee during the term of the appointment. Where there has been no opportunity to take the annual leave, the entitlement will be paid on completion of the appointment.

47.1.8 The University will monitor annual leave accruals and supervisors must encourage employees to take at least one (1) period of annual leave of ten (10) days (pro rata) duration each year. Supervisors have an obligation to ensure that staff have the capacity to take at least ten (10) days annual leave (pro rata) each year.

The University will advise an employee of their annual leave accrual, where the employee has accumulated an entitlement of more than thirty (30) days annual leave (pro rata). Discussions will occur between the employee and their supervisor regarding their leave accumulation and their intention to take a period of leave. The employee, with their supervisor's agreement, may elect to take a period of leave, take a money equivalent of the annual leave accumulated over twenty (20) days (pro rata), or take a combination of both leave and money equivalent. 

47.1.10 Following these discussions, and where an employee has accumulated forty (40) days annual leave (pro rata), the University may direct the employee, in writing, to take up to twenty (20) days accumulated annual leave (pro rata); or the employee may, with the University’s agreement, elect to take a money equivalent of the annual leave accumulated over twenty (20) days (pro rata). Where an employee elects to take a money equivalent, the employee must also submit a supporting absence request to take a period of annual leave of at least ten (10) days (pro rata) in addition to the money equivalent.

4.7.11 During the closure of the University between 25 December and 1 January in the following year inclusive, employees (excluding those directed to work) will not be required to utilise leave entitlements.

47.2 Annual leave (Academic employees)

Academic employees are required to discuss with their supervisor or nominee through the performance management process, an annual leave plan for the following year, unless the employee has advised their supervisor of an intention to take a period of extended leave in a subsequent year. Supervisors or nominees must ensure that an annual leave plan is discussed and that an absence request is submitted by the employee by no later than the last week in April, unless the supervisor is notified of the employee’s intention to take a period of extended leave in a subsequent year.

47.2.2 All annual leave must be taken in accordance with the approved annual leave plan and the absence request. However, an academic employee may seek approval from the supervisor or nominee to vary the annual leave plan and the absence request and approval to vary the plan will not be unreasonably withheld.

47.2.3 Where an employee has not advised their supervisor or nominee of an intention to take an extended period of leave in a subsequent year or has not discussed either the annual leave plan through the performance management process or submitted the absence request, the University will notify the academic employee that unless they submit an absence request within five (5) working days, the University will enter an absence request into the system based on a default annual leave plan. The University, in entering the absence request into the system, will take into consideration the academic employee’s circumstances which may include their work allocation, their existing annual leave entitlements and the operational needs of the work area. The employee will be advised of the absence request and will be required to seek approval from their supervisor.