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Human Resources

48. Personal leave

48.1 An employee (excluding casuals) is entitled to personal leave at the rate of 10 working days on ordinary rates for each year of service. Personal leave will be cumulative and in advance during the first year of service.

48.2 An employee absent through personal illness or injury will advise their Supervisor as soon as practicable. Applications for a period of sick leave longer than three (3) days, must be accompanied by a registered medical practitioner’s certificate.

48.3 Where an employee has drawn their full entitlement to paid personal leave, additional personal leave without pay may be granted in special circumstances, by the Delegate.

48.4 When personal leave without pay is granted, the following conditions will apply:

49.4.1 A period of up to three (3) months will be recognised as service for the purpose of calculating entitlements to long service leave, annual leave and personal leave. Where the leave is in excess of three (3) months, the employee's increment date will be adjusted by a period equal to the period of leave in excess of three (3) months.

48.4.2 Personal leave will be inclusive of any gazetted public holiday which may occur during the period of leave.

48.5 Where an employee has a pattern of recurring absences of personal leave, the University will have the right to counsel the employee that for future absences the employee may require a medical certificate.