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Human Resources

52. Long service leave

52.1 An employee will be entitled to long service leave after completing ten (10) years of continuous paid service. Long service leave will accrue at the rate of 1.3 weeks for each year of continuous service and on a pro rata basis for an incomplete year.

52.2 An employee eligible for long service leave will be entitled to payment in lieu of long service leave, on resignation, or retirement, or to the estate in the event of death of the employee.

52.3 An employee may on written request take the leave wholly or in part, with a minimum of two (2) weeks being taken. However, one (1) week may be taken in exceptional circumstances. An employee may also, subject to operational requirements of the University, apply to take extended leave on pro-rata pay (instead of a shorter period on full pay).

52.4 An employee will be granted long service leave at the time of their choosing provided they have given six (6) months’ notice, in writing. Where an employee gives less than six (6) months’ notice, the request will normally be accommodated. However, where there is mutual agreement between the employee and the Delegated Officer, notice of leave may be waived.

52.5 Where an employee has accrued an entitlement of eighteen (18) weeks long service leave, the employee may be directed, in writing, to reduce the balance to under eighteen (18) weeks either by taking a period of leave within the following twelve (12) month period; electing to take a money equivalent of a minimum of two (2) weeks entitlement; or taking a combination of both leave and money equivalent.

52.6 Where an Employee has accrued an entitlement of between ten (10) and eighteen (18) weeks long service leave, the employee may, with the approval of the Executive Director, elect to reduce the balance of leave through the options outlined in Clause 52.5.