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Human Resources

11. Consultative mechanisms

11.1 The University is committed to consulting with employees directly on workplace matters affecting them. The University will utilise a variety of mechanisms to communicate with employees. These may include, but are not limited to:

11.2 Departmental and/or Faculty meetings

11.2.1 Managers and supervisors are primarily responsible for advising and consulting with employees regarding decisions that occur within the work area.

11.2.2 Where an employee meets with their manager, supervisor or another University representative the employee may be represented by a Nominated Representative.

11.3 Staff Consultative Committee

11.3.1 A Staff Consultative Committee will be established within six (6) weeks from the date of approval of this Agreement and will meet up to six (6) times per year. The composition of the Staff Consultative Committee will be:

  • Eight (8) management representatives nominated by the Vice-Chancellor;
  • Eight (8) employee representatives consisting of the following:
    • Five (5) Union representatives nominated as follows:

(i) two (2) NTEU representatives;
(ii) two (2) ASU representatives;
(iii) one (1) United Voice representative.

  • Three (3) employee representatives consisting of the following:

(i) one (1) academic employee representative elected by and from academic employees; 
(ii) one (1) professional employee representative elected by and from professional employees;
(iii) one (1) employee representative elected by and from all employees.

11.3.2 Elected employee representatives will be elected by and from relevant employees for the life of the Agreement. Where a vacancy arises during the life of the Agreement the position will be filled by further election.

11.3.3 The Staff Consultative Committee will act as a forum for consultation regarding the implementation of this Agreement and for employment issues.

11.3.4 Employees nominated or elected to the Staff Consultative Committee will be entitled to include the duties of the Staff Consultative Committee as part of their normal work allocation, and will be provided with reasonable time to attend meetings and consult with other employees.

11.4 Employee consultation - regular roster and ordinary hours of work

Where the University proposes a change to the regular roster or ordinary hours of work of an employee, the University will consult with the affected employee or employees, and provide employees with information about the nature of the roster change and/or ordinary hours of work, together with likely impacts of the change. Employees will be provided with the opportunity to provide feedback in relation to the proposed change (including any impact in relation to their family or caring responsibilities). The University will consider the feedback provided by the employee about the impact of the change. Employees may be assisted by a Nominated Representative during this consultation process.