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Human Resources

16. Union role, acess and facilities

16.1 It is necessary for the effective relationship of the employer and employees under this Agreement that employees be well informed and represented in relation to their employment. The University recognises the contribution of Unions to productive workplace relations and that Unions are legitimate representatives of their members at the University. Therefore, for the purpose of assisting in ensuring that the Unions are able to facilitate the flow of information, and keep their members informed of their employment entitlements and obligations, the University recognises the legitimate role and involvement of the Unions at the University of Southern Queensland in the ways set out below.

16.2 An employee who, as a Union representative, is involved in the implementation of this Agreement, will be granted paid time to carry out this function.

16.3 Employees who are Union representatives will be allowed the necessary time and resources during normal work hours and as part of their normal duties to interview, consult or liaise with Union members in relation to any employment related matters of concern to the Union member. Union representatives with workload or resource issues arising out of this Clause will raise the matter with the Executive Director.

16.4 One (1) paid meeting of Union members may be held each semester, to ensure full communication and input by Union members.

16.5 The University agrees to provide access to an appropriately equipped and furnished office for use by Union representatives on the Staff Consultative Committee for the purposes prescribed in Clause 16.1.

16.6 The right of entry for a Union officer or employee will be observed as per the requirements under the Fair Work Act 2009, as amended from time to time.