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Human Resources

23. Employee supervision

23.1 This clause is designed to provide a mechanism to assess the performance of employees with the primary purpose of providing support to an employee whose performance is considered to require improvement.

23.2 A supervisor will provide administrative and academic leadership where appropriate and is responsible for monitoring the performance of employees and providing support to employees whose performance is assessed as requiring improvement. Academic supervisors will normally be classified, where possible, at Academic Level C or above.

23.3 Each employee will have a supervisor who will normally be the head of the employee’s unit for academic employees, or the head of the section for professional employees. An employee will be informed, in writing, on appointment to the University, of their designated supervisor and their supervisor’s position. Written advice will also be provided if an employee moves to another work area or where supervisory arrangements change as an outcome of organisational change processes.

23.4 Where a change in supervisor would remove potential conflict of interests or contribute to more harmonious relations within the work unit, an employee may request the Director to designate an alternative supervisor. This request will be dealt with in a timely manner.

23.5 All employees who assume supervisory responsibilities must receive appropriate training in accordance with the provisions of this Agreement