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Human Resources

25. Termination of probationary employment

25.1 If at any time during the probationary period:

(a) an employee’s progress is considered by the University to be unsatisfactory, or

(b) if the employee is not satisfied with the position or the University,

either the employee or the University may terminate the employment subject to the giving of notice as specified in Clause 25.4. Notice may be given, paid in lieu or forfeited as the case may be.

25.2 If any meeting is held where the performance of a probationary employee is to be discussed and which may concern the possible termination of a probationary employee, the employee may be accompanied by their Nominated Representative.

25.3 Where there is a recommendation to terminate the employment of a probationary employee, the employee will be advised of the recommendation including any adverse material about the employee upon which the recommendation is based. The employee will be entitled to respond to the recommendation, and the response will be taken into consideration by the Vice-Chancellor when considering the recommendation to terminate.

25.4 Notice periods

Category of employment
Notice required
Professional employees
2 weeks
Academic - continuing

4 months

Academic - fixed term as follows:
1 year or less
6 weeks
1+ to 2 years
10 weeks
2+ to 3 years
12 weeks
3+ to 5 years
16 weeks