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Human Resources

29. Voluntary severance

29.1 Application

This Clause applies to employees in continuing positions or in fixed term positions of greater duration than one (1) year, excluding employees engaged on continuing (contingent funded) appointments, and fixed-term pre-retirement employees outlined in Clause

29.2 Voluntary severance

29.2.1 The University may call for expressions of interest from all employees interested in taking voluntary severance.

29.2.2 When expressions of interest are called, a period of eight (8) weeks will be allowed during which an employee can make an application for voluntary severance. This period will be known as the ‘voluntary severance application period’ and during this period the following applies:

(a) An employee may make an application at any time within the eight (8) week ‘voluntary severance application period’.

(b) The Vice-Chancellor will have the discretion to accept or not to accept any employee’s application for voluntary severance, and will provide the employee with reasons for not accepting the application.

(c) When an application is accepted by the Vice-Chancellor, consultation with the employee will occur to determine a termination date. An employee may be assisted by a Nominated Representative.

(d) The ‘residual of the voluntary severance application period’ is the period of time remaining in the eight (8) week ‘voluntary severance application period’ after the employee’s expression of interest is lodged with the Executive Director.

29.3 Voluntary severance benefits

29.3.1 An employee whose application for voluntary severance is accepted by the Vice-Chancellor, is entitled to the following benefits:

(a) The relevant ‘voluntary severance benefit’ for the employee is determined based on age and length of service, and is calculated by combining the relevant notice periods from Subclause 29.3.1(a)(i), and Subclause 29.3.1(a)(ii).

(i) Age based scale for voluntary severance

Age of employee
Relevant notice period
45 years or over
22 weeks
40, 41, 42. 43 or 44 years
20 weeks
39 years or under
18 weeks

(ii) Length of service scale for voluntary severance

Each completed year of continuous service by the employee Notice period of each completed year of service
Less than and equal to 10 years
3 weeks for every year
More than 10 years
An additional 2 weeks for every year in excess of 10 years

(b) Where an employee submits an application for voluntary severance which is accepted by the Vice-Chancellor the employee is entitled to a ‘voluntary severance benefit payment’ which is the sum of the following:

(i) A ‘voluntary severance benefit’ as calculated in Subclause 29.3.1(a) up to a maximum of 66 weeks.

(ii) the ‘residual of the voluntary severance application period’ as in Subclause 29.2.2(d); or the balance of the employee’s fixed term appointment, whichever is the shortest.

(c) An employee who submits an application for voluntary severance which is accepted by the Vice-Chancellor, will also be paid long service leave in proportion to the employee’s length of service with the University.

29.3.2 All payments under Clause 29 will be calculated on the employee’s salary (including fortnightly paid award based allowances and loadings) at the date of ceasing employment.