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Human Resources

44. Principles of Academic employee contactability and availability

44.1 To achieve its mission the University will endeavour to provide the facilities and services necessary for academic employees to fulfil their responsibilities of teaching, research, scholarship and service. Further, the University will also endeavour to provide efficient support services, adequate office space, and high quality technical systems to assist academic employees.

44.2 It is reasonable to expect that academic employees will be contactable and/or available, to ensure that the needs of the University community, including the requirement for ready access to academics by internal and external students, are effectively met.

44.2.1 The University can expect academic employees to be available for consultation and meetings concerned with teaching, research and organisation.

An academic employee must ensure that they are reasonably available for consultation with students. Consultation may include, as appropriate, face to face meetings and the efficient and timely use of communication technology. The academic employee’s availability for student consultation is to be advised to the employee’s supervisor and students, and adhered to.

The University also recognises that academic employees require periods away from their designated workplace for many reasons including research, online teaching, marking, attendance at conferences, and consultation with government, industry, commerce and community.

While travel and off-campus work are normal expectations for many academic employees, the University itself will remain the focal point of each academic employee’s professional life.

It is the academic employee’s obligation to regularly advise their supervisor of their on-campus and off-campus work program and activities. An academic employee must also advise their supervisor of any leave arrangements and must submit an absence request for approval.