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HR Delegations

There are a range of human resources activities at the University which require approval by the appropriate delegate prior to actioning and implementation. For example, such activities can include signing a leave form, appointing a new employee or completing a performance review.

Human Resources has developed a matrix which establishes five levels of HR delegation as follows:

  • University Council
  • Vice-Chancellor (Category 1)
  • Category 2
  • Category 3
  • Category 4

Each category of delegate is assigned certain authorities and responsibilities for various HR activities. Human Resources will not action any forms or requests unless authorised and signed by the appropriate category of delegate.

HR delegations are attached to a “position” in the USQ organisational structure and not an “individual”. As such, whoever is occupying the position (in either a continuing, acting or fixed term capacity) automatically assumes the delegations for the period they are undertaking the role.

Any HR activities/paperwork that are to be actioned by an individual temporarily acting in a delegated role should be signed off using the title “Acting {position title}” so that Human Resources is aware of this acting capacity and can process requests appropriately.

Where a delegate is absent on leave and another employee is not acting in their role, the delegate may nominate another employee to hold their full delegation and advise HR accordingly.

In addition to formal full HR delegates, approval may be sought from Human Resources to grant Limited HR Delegations to other positions within the University to ensure appropriate continuity of service and operational expediency where appropriate. Requests for limited delegation must be made in accordance with the Guidelines for Limited HR Delegations (PDF* 192kb).

There are also Financial Delegates who hold different levels of responsibility for approving financial transactions at the University. These delegates are different to HR delegates and such details can be obtained from the staff in Financial Services.

Further information

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HR Contact

Tricia O'Neill, Manager (Policy and Change)