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Crisis and Emergency management

A comprehensive emergency procedures manual (*PDF 4.2mb) sets out the procedures for the controlled evacuation of buildings, structures and workplaces during emergencies.

Emergency flipcharts have been created for all USQ Campuses as a quick reference tool. Click on your specific campus location to view.


Toowoomba (PDF* 230KB)

Springfield (PDF* 233KB)

 Ipswich (PDF* 217KB)

Employees must familiarise themselves with the procedures for their particular campus, and also be aware of their evacuation plans and safety contact people as required.

Crisis Management Plan

USQ has established a formal Crisis Management program across the University to manage a crisis or to prevent a situation developing into a crisis. The Crisis Management Plan (CMP) (PDF* 938kb) is an action document to guide the Crisis Management Team in managing a crisis or a situation that has the potential to develop into a crisis.

The Crisis Management Plan (CMP) (PDF* 938kb) does not replace, but is aligned with the existing Emergency Procedures Manual and the Business Continuity Plan.

A crisis is defined as “A sudden event or series of events that seriously threatens or has the potential to escalate and threaten the University of Southern Queensland’s people, operations, assets, environment, or long-term prospects and reputation.”

The full version of the Crisis Management Plan is restricted to members of the Crisis Management Team (CMT) however a releasable synopsis (PDF* 938kb)  is available for general release.