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Flexible working arrangements

Flexible working arrangements are available for all employees, regardless of individual circumstances. Types of flexible working arrangements and options include:

  • Fractional employment
  • Sessional employment
  • Term employment
  • Annualised hours employment
  • 48/52 weeks per year working arrangements
  • Job sharing
  • Flexible working hours
  • Rostered Day Off (RDO) arrangements
  • Working from another location
  • Pre-retirement fixed term appointments

If you identify a need for greater work/life balance, we encourage you to discuss flexible working arrangements with your supervisor.

For more information on pursuing flexible working arrangements, please consult the following resources:

The role of managers and supervisors

Supervisors play a critical role in supporting employees, facilitating workplace flexibility and transforming work procedures into practice. We offer resources and professional development opportunities to equip managers with strategies to create successful, engage and flexible teams, including: