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Academic Development and Outside Studies Program (the Program)

The program provides a period of paid absence for research, teaching and professional experience aligned with the University's objectives. 

What's new in 2019?

The Program Procedure and supporting processes have been reviewed to ensure they are streamlined, contemporary and supporting the development of academic employees in line with the future strategic needs of the University. The revised program and procedure provides a range of enhancements for all eligible employees applying for the Program from 2019.  

Important changes that applicants should be aware of are:

  • There will only be one call for applications for the Program taken in Semester One, Semester Two and Semester Three of the following year (in the past applications were called twice a year)
  • The timeframe of the program has been revised with a duration of two to six months
  • Applicants in the PhD/Doctoral category are required to finalise and submit their Thesis for examination at the end of the approved Program period
  • A new restricted category ‘Academic career revitalisation’ has been added to the Program
  • The restricted ‘Early career Academic’ category’s definition has been updated
  • Externally funded ‘research only’ employees should provide evidence that the Program is supported by the external agent before applying for the Program
  • The introduction of an academic portfolio which should be submitted with the application form
  • The criteria for assessment has been updated
  • The appeals process has been removed

Academic employees considering applying for a period of ADOSP should familiarise themselves with the following:

The Program Timeframes

Semesters One, Two and Three 2020 Date
Call for applications 20 March 2019 
Program Application Form and Academic Portfolio completed by Applicant and forwarded to supervisor  26 April 2019
Completed by supervisor and forwarded to Executive Dean  17 May 2019 
Completed by Executive Dean and forwarded to Human Resources  7 June 2019 
Program Assessment Committee meeting held  5 July 2019 
Written advice from Human Resources to applicants No later than 26 July  2019

All questions relating to the Academic Development and Outside Studies Program should be directed to Sonia Swanepoel