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People capability framework

The USQ People Capability Framework provides a common tool that empowers all individuals and teams to learn and develop the key capabilities required for success. To learn more watch this short video about the framework. 

A full list of available learning and development initiatives designed to develop the key capabilities can be found by visiting the Key Capability Development webpage.  A range of resources is also available to support you to implement the People Capability Framework in your team. 

The Framework

The People Capability Framework outlines the capabilities and associated behaviours we expect and encourage our employees to demonstrate for sustained growth and success. It is a set of high-level capabilities that are described across multiple leadership levels using behavior-based statements.

The framework comprises of three key elements:

  • Values
  • Capabilities
  • Leadership


The core values are the centre of the framework and shape all that we do at USQ.


The six capabilities in the framework have been selected because they represent the strategic knowledge, attributes, and experiences that are required to be developed by individuals and teams to foster high levels of performance in line with strategic direction.  


The key capabilities are described across a range of leadership levels that encompass all employees.

  • Leading Self - the basis of all effective leadership.  It includes knowing one's self and encompasses all individual contributors.  
  • Leading Others - the leaders of individual contributors, often focussed on the frontline of service provision, teaching delivery, or research endeavour.
  • Leading Leaders - the more experienced employees who lead other managers or leaders, focussed on integrating cross-functional perspectives.
  • Leading Organisation - the most senior and executive leaders in the organisation responsible for setting the vision for the University and providing the resources to build toward the future.


Further information 

The USQ Key Capability Framework infographic provides more information, or you can download our resources from this page. 

For further information on how the USQ People Capability Framework can help you and your team, please contact the Human Resources.