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Academic Position Descriptions

Position Descriptions are statements used to describe the broad categories of responsibilities attached to academic staff at different levels employed within a university.

The Position Descriptions provide an adequate basis to differentiate between the various levels of employment and define the broad relationships between classifications. The Position Descriptions are not exhaustive of all tasks in academic employment, which is by its nature multi-skilled and involves an overlap of duties between levels.

All levels of academic employees are expected to make a contribution to a range of functions at the University of Southern Queensland (USQ). Such functions include teaching, research, participation in professional activities and participation in academic planning and governance. In addition to the policies and practices in place at the USQ, reference is made to the Position Descriptions when assigning duties and responsibilities to academic employees. Reference is also made to Position Descriptions in the appointment, confirmation and promotion processes.


Position descriptions outline the level of contribution which an occupant of a position can be expected to make to academic leadership, research and scholarship, teaching performance and leadership and professional leadership.

Key responsibilities

Examples of key responsibilities are provided. The responsibilties are illustrative and not a set of mandatory requirements to be placed upon someone holding a position at a given level. There are a number of distinctive duties between the levels and these are especially pertinent in establishing where a position and its incumbent should be classified.

Qualifications, Experience and Selection criteria 

The position descriptions outline qualifications and experience which can be expected of a person holding a position at a given level and are stated as a combination of formal qualifications and/or experience according to the relevant discipline area. Selection criteria describe the qualifications, skills, knowledge, abilities and personal qualities required to perform the duties of the position successfully.  Selection and other criteria thus need to be sensitive to the discipline area of candidates.