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Recognition and reward opportunities

In addition to formal and informal recognition programs, the University also offers a range of other programs and opportunities to acknowledge and reward employees.

Performance rewards

  • Accelerated increment: Accelerated increments where an employee's performance consistently and significantly exceeds agreed performance indicators.  
  • Additional increment: An additional increment for employees at the top step of their current classification level where their performance consistently and significantly exceeds agreed performance indicators.
  • Attraction and retention loadings: Attraction and retention loadings which may be offered to attract, recognise and retain valuable employees in the workplace.

Learning and development initiatives

  • Academic Development and Outside Studies Program (ADOSP): A well established program to provide a period of paid leave for academic employees to undertake research, scholarly activity or professional experience.
  • Professional development leave: An opportunity for professional employees to undertake a period of Professional Development Leave (PDL) to enhance and develop their professional knowledge, skills and abilities outside the University.
  • Academic promotion: An annual academic promotion process for academic employees on the basis of meritorious performance.
  • Study assistance: A generous study assistance program to provide financial assistance and encourage and support employees to undertake further education.
  • Staff development: A range of internal and external staff development opportunities to increase employee skills, broaden experience and enhance future career opportunities.
  • Management and leadership development: A comprehensive program aimed at aimed at building capacity for managers and leaders in the areas of people management, personal leadership, strategic management and business sustainability.
  • Academic professional development: A suite of opportunities to enhance learning and teaching performance and provide high quality, flexible and inclusive learning experiences that promote lifelong learning, critical enquiry and students' career opportunities.

On-the-job career development opportunities

  • Acting appointments: The opportunity for employees to act in higher classified positions as a mechanism to reward exceptional work performance by an employee and/or to provide an opportunity to acquire advanced knowledge, skills and abilities.
  • Internal transfers and secondments: The opportunity for employees to be transferred or seconded to a position in order to recognise and reward exceptional work performance and/or provide an opportunity to acquire expanded knowledge, skills and abilities.
  • Employee exchange program: The availability of a scheme which provides for exchange between University employees and employees of other appropriate organisations as a reward for exceptional performance and/or an opportunity to acquire expanded knowledge, skills and abilities.

You can access information on these opportunities through the USQ Policy Library