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What is STARS?

Say Thanks And Recognise Success (STARS) is one of the informal mechanisms available to staff to recognise the efforts of others via USQ corporate recognition program. Informal recognition can occur at any time and can be sent, or received, by any USQ employee.  To ensure the recognition is meaningful, it should be timely, specific and sincere.

Recognition through STARS can include saying thank you when you notice an employee's contribution or effort; writing a note to express appreciation; and/or sending a My STARS to team members, supervisors or your colleagues. 

By using STARS it lets other employees know that they are valued and appreciated.

Purpose of the recognition program

USQ is committed to developing a culture of recognition. STARS has been specifically designed to help create an easy way of letting our colleagues, supervisors and managers know how much their contributions are valued and appreciated. 

The University acknowledges that recognition for employees is of vital importance to its success as an organisation and is committed to ensuring its employees feel appreciated for their contributions. Therefore, the STARS program is corporately funded by USQ. 

STARS is one element of USQ's recognition and reward program which may assist you to recognise other employees.

We encourage everyone to be involved with creating and reinforcing our recognition culture.  Why wait, send a My STARS today and make someone’s day.

How to Say Thanks And Recognise Success

Any USQ employee wishing to acknowledge colleagues for their contributions and/or commitment to the University can use the tools in the STARS program. You can recognise other employees, supervisors, managers or even entire teams, and you are encouraged to recognise multi-directionally and cross-institutionally. That is, you can recognise ANYONE!

A range of initiatives to support a culture of recognition through informal feedback has been developed to assist you, including the My STARS online recognition program, Celebrating STARS gift cards and our Shining STARS success stories. 

Why should I Say Thanks and Recognise Success?

USQ employees make valuable contributions to the University every day, with varying degrees of impact. Everyone’s contribution matters to USQ, so we have established STARS to encourage all employees to be empowered to recognise others, every day.

When recognition is repeated, it becomes ingrained in our culture, and should be encouraged and accepted as part of our USQ lives.

More information

My STARS can be accessed via HR Self Service.  Refer to the guide to using the program for more information and conditions.

Contact Human Resources at for further information and assistance regarding the STARS program.