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Informed learning: a narration


Professor Christine Bruce


In this salon conversation, Christine Bruce, author of Informed Learning, will read the narratives underpinning the book's chapters. The intention is to reveal the narrative thread which reflects a journey of the scholarship of learning and teaching. In the course of that journey, two new academics engage in learning and teaching innovation, securing their own professional development, and creating unexpected opportunities for colleagues and the wider university in the process. Informed learning is a way of thinking about the educational process in terms of using information to learn. Information is often the hidden element in curriculum...present, critical, not always explicitly recognised. Thinking in terms of informed learning provides a language and an approach that highlights the role of information in the learning process, encouraging all members of the learning community to be aware of that role, and benefit from it. The narratives will serve as openers to discussion about the experience of learning and teaching with attention to information environments. 


Professor Christine Bruce is a senior member of the School of Information Systems, in the Science and Engineering Faculty at QUT. She is a member of the European Association of Research into Learning and Instruction. Christine is presently Convenor of the QUT Higher Education Research Network; and Academic Program Director – Research Training for the Science and Engineering Faculty. She undertook an ALTC Fellowship in 2009 on HDR supervision. Christine’s research focus is information literacy, spanning the information and learning research domains. Christine also has an extensive record of higher education research and publishes in high impact journals such as Studies in Higher Education and Higher Education Research and Development. She has experience in leadership and mentoring of staff developing higher education research and scholarship trajectories, including ALTC grant holders, excellence award holders and citation winners. Between 2001 and 2006 she was Director and Assistant Dean, Teaching and Learning for the Faculty of Information Technology. This work involved significant curriculum transformation, especially in the first year experience, and attention to assessment and learning outcomes. During that time she also built a group of staff focussed on higher education research and scholarship, a group which became formally part of the faculty’s research centre. Christine’s research focuses on higher education teaching and learning, including information technology learning, graduate capabilities, and research study and supervision. She is presently working with colleagues and research students on topics around generic skills and graduate capabilities, threshold concepts and other aspects of student learning. Christine’s research in higher education teaching and learning has been recognised through a) nomination by the University of Tampere for the Finnish Distinguished Professor Program in 2007 b) appointment to the Board of Directors of the US National Forum for Information Literacy in 2008 and c) appointment to the International Advisory Board for the University of Gothenburg’s Linnaeus Centre for Research on Learning, Interaction and Mediated Communication in Contemporary Society in 2009.d) An award in 2010 for contribution to information literacy research and practice from the Qld State Library Board. In 2017 Christine was appointed Eminent Visiting Scholar to the University of Southern Queensland. Christine holds a Bachelor of Arts from Queensland University, Masters in Research (Education) from QUT, a PhD from University of New England.