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What happens in a consultation?

When you book a consultation you are coming to us for some help. It may be that you need help in understanding an assignment question, or you may need help with sentence and paragraph construction or grammar or maths or statistics. We offer help in all areas of academic study.

Range of consultations

Free one-to-one or small group consultations (less than six) are available in a variety of ways:  

  • face-to-face
  • phone
  • email

For email and phone consultations it is essential that you email in your work at least 4 hours prior to the start of your consultation. If your work is not received by the Library by this time, we cannot guarantee the learning advisor will be able to complete your consultation that day.

Bookings are essential

Booking information 

The Library uses an email booking system for both workshops and consultations.  You will need to send the email request from your registered student email or umail account.  The Library staff will endeavour to respond to your request as quickly as possible, but please allow up to one full business day for a response.


What do you need to write in the email request?

We want to help you in the best way we can.  So please remember that the more information you provide about your enquiry, the better we can assist you.  To make this happen, please include in your email request:

  1. The code for the course you are seeking support for at time of booking: get this code from the course StudyDesk.
  2. Write (in as much detail as you can) the type of help you need, eg. study skills, assignments, mathematics or writing
  3. Preferred day and time


Or if you need help:



Please book early to allow sufficient time after the consultation for completion of your assignment before its due date. 

Consultations are 30 minutes, with a maximum of two consultations per week.  Your learning advisor will assist you if you require further bookings.

If you have a problem with a booking or an urgent request please let us know. We also appreciate feedback, so please feel free to let us know about your experience by contacting the Library team.

Types of assistance

Academic language

Consultations are available from Toowoomba, Springfield and Ipswich campuses to all students in face-to-face, phone and online options. Consultations are usually 30 minutes.

Remember that you are solely responsible for your own assignments.

All learning advisors can assist with general learning skills, as well as:

  • question analysis
  • research strategies
  • reading strategies
  • referencing
  • assignment structure  
  • learning skills  
  • further explain ideas presented in workshops
  • time management
  • improving that flagging motivation
  • give you ideas on how to use feedback from your course examiner
  • logical written presentation of ideas
  • grammar and punctuation
  • sentence and paragraph structure
  • exams preparation
  • oral presentations
  • strategies for proof reading and editing


Consultations are available to all students and are usually 30 minutes.

All learning advisors can assist with general learning skills, as well as: 

  • the use of calculators (free online 'How to' booklets available)
  • pre-requisite mathematics knowledge
  • mathematical problem solving and question analysis within the context of a course
  • mathematical communication

Students from a range of programs can be assisted by maths learning advisors. For example:

  • data analysis and other statistics courses – assistance with use of calculators, basic maths, questions analysis
  • economics or other business courses – assistance with interpreting and drawing graphs, algebra, calculus
  • mathematics courses (Foundations and Discrete Maths, Algebra and Calculus 1) – assistance with basic maths skills
  • nursing courses – assistance with maths and computing skills for drug calculations 

PhD and Masters Research students

Academics have requested that before booking a consultation that you complete a HDR Research Student Referral Form (PDF 415KB) and discuss it with your supervisor. It is important that your supervisor is aware that you are seeking the assistance of learning advisors.

Please note, we do not:

  • provide you with a proofreading service
  • provide you with an editing service
  • provide personal counseling. Counselling can be accessed via the USQ Counselling service

Postgraduate students

To enable us to be sure that you are getting the help you need at the appropriate level:

  • Postgraduate students at all levels (Masters and PhD) or candidates should email with details of their requirements and a preferred day and time.