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ePrints help

Finding an ePrint

The fastest way to find an ePrint is to browse all available ePrints, by year, author Faculty/Department/Centre or by format type.

You can also search by keyword in a title, author or abstract. An advanced search enables you to search by keyword in the title, author, editor, abstract, journal or publication title, or subject category. You can also limit by ePrint type, Faculty, Department, status, and date.

Submitting Documents

An USQ ePrints Quick Guide to Depositing (PDF 327KB) steps you through the deposit process.

Only deposit your paper once it has been published - in print or online.

If you haven't submitted documents before, first contact the USQ ePrints Editor to arrange to be registered.


If you are already registered, login to your User Area to deposit a paper.

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about issues such as access, submitting documents and the relationship with research reporting are answered in Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). There is a section providing copyright advice for depositors and authors.

All research theses submitted to the Office of Research are deposited into USQ ePrints. Individual authors may deposit non-research theses into USQ ePrints.

USQ ePrints Contact Information

If you would like more information about USQ ePrints, please contact the following people:

  • USQ ePrints Editor [Jenny Kinnear] for all enquiries about registering as an ePrints depositor, and depositing or accessing your papers.