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Deposit your ePrint

The following are the most common bibliographic and other details required for a journal article (details will vary according to the type of work). Fields marked with an asterisk (*) are compulsory.

Title * The full title of the paper.
Authors(s) * Full names of all the authors in the form: Family name, First name.
eg Smith, Mary Jane
No. of authors;
No. of USQ authors
Total numbers of authors of the work; number of authors who were affiliated with USQ at the time of publication of the work.
Publication The full title of the publication (e.g. Journal name). In the following fields, the volume, issue number and page numbers (where applicable).
Year and Month Publication year (4 digits, mandatory, eg 2005) and month (optional). Use the publication date when first released to the public, if this is known to you.
Editor(s) The name of the editors(s) if applicable (eg edited books and conference proceedings).
Publisher For books and book chapters, the name of the publisher and place of publication (eg University of Queensland Press, Brisbane).
Status The status of the document (published, in press etc).
Refereed Whether or not the document (this particular version of it) has passed a formal peer review process.

Permission Grant Date

Year/month/day information that permission has been obtained.
 If you need the Library to obtain permission on your behalf, then leave this field blank.
Abstract * Abstract for each ePrint. You may be able to cut and paste the abstract from the manuscript.
Keywords Any keywords that are likely to be used by searchers looking for papers on this topic. Separate keywords or phrases with a semicolon.
Field(s) of search * At least one subject category to describe your paper. The subjects are those used in the Australian and New Zealand Standard Research Classification (ANZSRC) of the Australian Bureau of Statistics. The list will be provided as part of the submission process.
Additional Information This field should also be used for any other additional information that is relevant or may be useful. It will be publicly displayed.
Comments and
Any comments to the USQ ePrints Editor information will not be displayed to the public).
Submission Date If required, the date that the item was first submitted for publication.
Alternative location(s) If your paper can already be accessed via a web page, the Official URL field will contain the full URL (e.g. a conference web page, or personal web page). If the publisher requires that you provide a link to the journal's web page from the USQ ePrints record as a condition of self-archiving the post-print version, this area will contain the URL for the publisher's web page.

ePrints staff will check your data prior to making the paper publicly available. They will:

  • Check the copyright status of the paper, and seek publisher permission to archive if permission has not already been obtained by you
  • Check the bibliographic details and other required information, such as document status, alternative location and whether the document has been refereed. USQ ePrints staff will contact you if further information is required
  • Convert your file if necessary to an acceptable format

When these checks are complete, the work will appear in the public archive.

For assistance or support contact the USQ ePrints Editor.