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Depositing your research in ePrints

ePrints is a consolidated archive of the intellectual output of USQ researchers, scholars and other staff that demonstrates the impact and quality of USQ output, research and scholarship. It is also the primary source of data for government and other reporting purposes.

Once your publication has been published, in print or online, it can be deposited into ePrints. In some cases, you can submit to ePrints once your work has been accepted for publication (accepted manuscript version).

If you have not previously submitted publications to ePrints, email to arrange registration. If you have already registered with ePrints, login to your User Area to deposit a publication.

The USQ ePrints Quick Guide to Depositing (PDF 222KB) steps you through the deposit process.

Terms and conditions

USQ ePrints

An open-access electronic archive of research papers and other materials produced by USQ staff and students. 

Contact us

To register as an ePrints depositor, or enquire about depositing or accessing your publications, please contact: