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Terms and conditions

  1. The copyright of material deposited into USQ ePrints is retained by the creator(s), except where specifically noted. Please note that published journal articles and papers may be governed by the terms and conditions of the publisher.
  2. The text may not be reproduced or communicated in print or electronic form for commercial purposes unless the copyright owner has specified that this is allowed.
  3. Specific conditions placed on individual items, for example Open Access Licence attribution, should be adhered to in future use of the item.
  4. Readers may copy, download, print and save electronic copies of whole papers for their own individual non-commercial use.
  5. Excerpts, quotations and paraphrasing from USQ ePrints material must be fully referenced.
  6. USQ reserves the right to remove content at any time. This will normally be done in consultation with the submitter of the content.
  7. Metadata may be harvested to enable discovery of the archives contents. Harvesting of full text documents is not permitted.
  8. USQ ePrints makes every effort to comply with relevant copyright, licence and contract conditions, including the provisions of the (Australian) Copyright Act 1968 (as amended). If you believe that a work available on USQ ePrints has infringed copyright or breached licence or contract conditions, please notify the USQ Copyright Officer / University Lawyer. Please supply sufficient information to identify the work and the alleged nature of the infringement, to enable investigation and response.