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Online Course Readings (DiReCt)

Course readings can be made available to students online via USQStudyDesk using the DiReCt (Digital Resource Collection) repository. 

DiReCt is a course resource management system which provides online access to course readings and other resources. The system manages online access, security, storage and copyright of course readings and resources.

What materials can be accessed via DiReCt?

All readings/resources within course packs (courses which are produced on CD or in print – including optional print) are automatically included in DiReCt. Additional readings/resources can be added to DiReCt at the request of lecturers. These include:

  • digitised copies of readings and images
  • readings hosted on external websites
  • Library online journals and eBooks
  • multimedia and AV material

Submitting a resource to DiReCt

For materials included in a Course Pack contact your LRDO, as usual.

For materials not included in a Course Pack:

  • email the list of readings to:
  • ensure you include the following:
    • complete citation (including url for online resources)
    • course code
    • reading numbers (if applicable)
    • semester and year to be hosted
    • course examiner's name (if not you)
  • you do not have to include a digital copy of readings, but can do so. If including a digital copy of the resource, please indicate the origin of the file. Please note that copies should comply with copyright legislation. See the Legal Office copyright information for more information.