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Ordering items for the Library

The Library collections and resources exist to support your teaching and research needs, and the needs of your students. We value your recommendations for additions to the collections.  The Library's Resource Development Guidelines will assist you with understanding Library resources and collections, and with selecting items for the Library.

We are happy to contribute to planning and accreditation processes for new programs and courses, including participation in LITE teams. To discuss this further, please contact your Liaison librarian.

Requesting items (including electronic resources)

To request any item for the Library collections or online subscriptions, you should contact your Liaison librarian

  • Textbooks and recommended readings listed on the USQ Course Specifications will be acquired by the Library (however, if you make any changes to your textbook or readings after the Course Specifications are finalised, please contact your Liaison librarian as a matter of urgency).  Whilst the Library will endeavour to provide access to this material, we may not be able to acquire all requested titles, e.g. where material is out of print. 
  • One-off requests (such as books, e-books, DVDs or streaming video titles) are usually considered within the priorities of the allocation of the Library resources budget. You can send email or print requests for titles to your Liaison librarian.
  • eBooks will be preferred over print and acquired where appropriate. 
  • Subscriptions to journals, e-journals or databases (anything requiring an ongoing financial commitment) will be considered carefully by the Library for their relevance to current teaching, learning and research and the University’s strategic priorities before proceeding with purchase. Funds for ongoing subscriptions are limited and it is important to ensure costs are sustainable and that balance is achieved between obtaining new materials and maintaining valued existing resources. As subscriptions involve an ongoing commitment of Library funds, the final decision for purchase is made by the Library Information Resources Management Committee (IRMC). Your Liaison Librarian will advise if your request has been successful.

 Requests are considered favourably when:

  • price is reasonable
  • anticipated usage is medium to high (for low usage items, please consider if obtaining the item via interlibrary loan would be sufficient)
  • format is electronic
  • accompanied by documentation from publisher’s site and a recommendation based on personal use.

Significant criteria affecting approval of request:

  • content coverage (what types and level of resources)
  • likely relevance to teaching, learning and research needs (e.g. list teaching or research programs, location of users, how the resources would be used)
  • quality issues (e.g. impact factor/ peer review/ existing USQ collection strength/ comparison titles)
  • format: electronic preferred, accessible to on – and off-campus USQ clientele
  • cost and related issues (e.g. value for money; accreditation requirements; equivalent cancellation if required)
  • cross-faculty relevance
  • feedback from trial of product – you can request a trial by contacting your Liaison librarian.

Evaluating and selecting items

The following are good tools to help you to identify material for the USQ Library: