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USQ Repositories

USQ has three main repositories for storing digital material.

eLearning Objects Repository (eLOR)

The eLearning Objects Repository (eLOR) stores and provides access to digital learning objects and other files which support learning and teaching at USQ (including staff learning). Items in eLOR are accessed via USQStudyDesk, MyStaffDesk, Sitecore (USQ website) and other USQ systems.

When do I use eLOR?

Use eLOR to store all digital objects which are used in staff and student learning, teaching, training, support and information. Course readings should be stored in eLOR for new courses or for courses which do not have an existing reading list in DiReCt.

DiReCt (Digital Resources Collection)

DiReCt contains a variety of collections with specialist roles. These include:

  • Course Resources Collection - contains course readings (particularly those from courses which used to have printed course packs)
  • Software Collection - provides access to downloadable software, particularly EndNote

When do I use DiReCt?

Use DiReCt for course readings which you want to appear in the Course Readings - DiReCt list on Study Desk. If you do not want to use the Course Readings - DiReCt list, readings should be stored in eLOR.

DiReCt will also house digital objects with restrictive copyright permissions.

Due to copyright regulations you cannot house the same readings in both DiReCt and eLOR.

USQ ePrints

USQ ePrints is a specialist repository housing USQ's research output (including student theses and dissertations) and information about USQ's research data.